Thank you so much for joining us for this evening of high flying excitement and musical extravagance! 

This evening was curated and created by Rainbow Militia, a new performing arts and circus collective with a mission of working with live music to creating unconventional events across Denver Our goal is to broaden the love of circus and dance through unique and exciting collaborations across the arts. Is it working?

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Act 1

Staza Stone, Jennifer Theis and Rob Drabkin
Staza and Jennifer: Duo on sling to Rob Drabkin's "Don't Worry About Me" 

"It can be difficult to leave a long term relationship, even when our inner wisdom tells us it’s time to let go. At this point, we can choose to let go and endure the intense pain of leaving behind the familiar to make way for a new chapter in our life, or we can stay and suffer a low-grade pain that slowly eats at our heart and soul, like an emotional cancer. Until we wake up one day and realize we are buried so deep in the dysfunction of the relationship that we scarcely remember who we were and what we wanted and needed to be." - Jaeda DeWalt

Act 2 - Bringing In The Warmth

Mia Battaglia, Pixie and Russick Smith
Mia and Pixie: Poi Duo to Russick Smith's "Heartened"

Act 3 - Ceci N'est Pas Ton Chapeau: An Irish Folktale in Five Parts That is Actually Shorter Than This Title

Amber BLais, Liz Smith and Adam Agee
Amber and Liz: Duo on the Invented Aparatus, Mobi with Irish fiddle accompaniment by Adam

Even when enchantment is in play and fairy dust is plentiful, power struggles can cut short the most promising romance. And when you venture into fairyland, perhaps it's best to not wear your favorite hat. This piece is inspired by the Irish fairy stories of yore and the stunning fiddling of Adam Agee.

Irish music fans, keep an ear out for O'Sullivan's March, The Kerfunken Jig, The Milky Way, and The Donegal Tinker.

Act 4 - Body Beatz

Meri Burgess and Jen Korte
Contortion by meri with guitar and vocal loop accompaniment by Jen

Act 5 - Chasing the Highs

Katie Mesmerie and C. Vincent Plummer
Katie on Trapeze set to Vincent Plummer's "Chasing the Highs"

20 Minute Intermission!


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Intermission is OVER!

on with the show

Act 6 - Five Points Upon Her Head

Staza Stone and Reverend Vincent
Staza on the Invented Apparatus, Chair to Reverend Vincent's "Five Points Upon Her Head" 

Act 7 - Better Not Bitter

Morgan Sicklick, Conner Horak and Mackenzie Gault
Morgan and Conner in a contemporary ballet pas de dux to Mackenzie Gault's "Better Not Bitter"

Mackenzie will be joined onstage by Dave Hedin, Cosima Luther and Chris Luther

Tabula rasa, an idea ever present within any relationship.
It’s inception defined by the unknown and new but followed by
conflict, growth, balance, harmony
a new clean slate.
The pattern repeats itself to reveal an inherent duality.
Two steps forward, one step back; growth and success, retreat and failure,
the past never forgotten.
Together, we move forward and accept each new stage of tabula rasa as
a welcomed guide to heightened knowledge and understanding,
an expansion of love
a rebirth

Join us as we explore this journey through music and dance. 

Act 8 - Nimbus

Maureen and Leilani Duo on Silks to Rhetoric's "Nimbus"

A rain cloud finds herself in the company of the sun.

Act 9 - Druggle Bus

Bekah Smith and Alana Dym
Dynamic lady duo featuring a juggling bekah and Alana's percussion magic 

Two artists from different worlds combine their crafts. A series of experiments on rhythm and juggling.

Act 10

Lisa Natoli and Mikey Smith
Lisa in a Lyra Solo with Piano Accompaniment by Mikey


Thank yous

Thank you, yes you!

All of the artists of the Tabula Rasa Cabaret are so grateful you are here tonight! We couldn't make this art without you! 

Thank you to our crew and volunteers!

To the silent ninjas who no one ever sees but everyone definitely loves.

David Rynhart on Sound
Alex Klinger on Lighting
Andrea Pliner on Stage Managing
Scott Carson, Kelsie Harris and Kelvin Kosbab on Rigging
Tom Varani and Tori Velasquez on Bar
Julia Jones and Sarah Pineapple on Front of House

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