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Atlas Obscura presents: House of Embers

Dear Sir or Madam,

The House of Embers has long been a place of refuge during the cold, dark nights of the solstice when fearful things roam the countryside. However, the ungrateful have turned their backs on the house believing themselves protected from the old ways by artificial light and heat. Now, though shuttered for years, there is talk that candlelight has reappeared in the old windows. And some say slow, beguiling music can be heard.

The House of Embers has reopened for one night to provide comfort and solace during the long nights of the solstice. Come in your best attire and feast and drink and dance and explore.

The night is cold and terrible, but long after the fire has sputtered and died, the embers burn on...


+This immersive, exploratory experience is intended for an adult audience (21+). 
+Appetizers and Drinks (including some alcoholic beverages) are included with your ticket. Guests with allergies should exercise discretion.
+Guests will stand, interact with performers, walk, dance, climb and descend stairs - some without railings. Guests must sign a waiver prior to entrance.

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